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News about the ICOFORT Charter

Aggiornato il: 6 nov 2020

Dear ICOFORT Members and others interested in the preservation of Fortifications and Military Heritage With great satisfaction, we want to inform you that our ICOFORT Charter on Fortifications and Military Heritage received on October 26th the third positive recommendation from the Scientific Council of ICOMOS for its adoption.

We now move on to the final stage that will be the vote during the 20th Triennial General Assembly of ICOMOS, which will take place online (via Zoom) from 3 to 16 December 2020.

We would like to highlight and thank everyone who participated directly and indirectly in this trajectory, represented here by our Former President Milagros Flores, who also subscribes to this communication.

We will keep everyone informed and hope that we will soon finish this beautiful path.

Final Draft ICOFORT Charter on Fortifications and Military Heritage; Guidelines for Protection, Conservation and Interpretation. (version: July 15, 2020)

Projet final Charte ICOFORT des fortifications et du Patrimoine militaire; Les lignes directrices pour la protection, la conservation et l’interprétation. (version: 15 juillet 2020)

Borrador Final Carta de ICOFORT sobre Fortificaciones y Patrimonio Militar; Guía para la protección, conservación e interpretación (versión: Julio 15, 2020)

Best regards, José Claudio dos Santos Júnior - ICOFORT President Milagros Flores Román - ICOFORT Former President Doo Won Cho - ICOFORT Secretary-General Fernando Cobos - ICOFORT Vice President Sanaa Niar - ICOFORT Vice President Shikha Jain - Vice President

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